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Santiago, Chile
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A step forward in sustainable tourism

6 years ago I worked in the area of sustainability in order to optimize our processes looking for energy savings, incorporating good environmental and social practices in our daily operations making the welfare of the environment, adding value to the company.
The continuous improvement of our services includes all our partners, achieving awareness and make tangible our sustainability policies while working for the welfare of society today without compromising the welfare of future generations.
We have a Sustainability Committee, which is composed of a group of internal partners Hotel Plaza San Francisco achieving the three work areas:
• Economic
• Socio-Cultural
• Middle Environmental

Prizes and awards received in 2013

Main Results

  • Sello Eficiencia Energética

On 3 October, the Ministry of Energy recognized 20 companies in Energy Efficiency Label, Hotel Plaza San Francisco being the only one in its category.

  • premio

During Fedetur III version of the Chilean Tourism Awards on Thursday September 12 at Hotel Plaza San Francisco was recognized as the Sustainable Tourism Company 2013.

  • santiago_convention_berbeau-01

On 3 July this year Santiago Convention Bureau, SCB, recognized the Hotel Plaza San Francisco as the company with "2013 Best Sustainable practices" in the three policy areas (Economic, environmental and social-cultural)

  • sello sustentabilidad-01

On May 9, the Undersecretary of Tourism, SERNATUR, recognizes the first 6 Tourist accommodation in Chile with "Distinction in Sustainability Tourism" including Hotel Plaza San Francisco stands out as the only 5 star Santiago.

  • logotipo_HPSF_sustentabilidad-01

2 years ago the Sustainability Committee of the Hotel Plaza San Francisco was formed with workers from all areas, forming a team to convey to the family of our Hotel the work done and improvements to which we can choose.

We are very aware that these changes do not work if the work is not looked at long-term, even if it is not incorporated as a central axis, future decisions and actions realized our hotel.

As a rule and incorporating sustainability we performed:

  • Program optimization and replacement of air conditioning equipment, achieving savings of 15% energy.
  • We have achieved an increase of 12% of our installed capacity cold; preventing increased energy expenditure.
  • Cost reduction through energy efficiency (electricity, gas, oil, water).
  • Installing heat pumps and heat exchangers to preheat domestic hot water and stop for periods boilers, reflected in oil savings.
  • Arrangement of aerators (69% savings in water) faucets and challas (62% savings).
  • Using central control, operation and reducing moreover HH reducing energy costs through automation.
  • Through the University of Chile have a measurement of the carbon footprint (332 ton / year).
  • We note with great joy that we have a proud and motivated the different themes and workforce initiatives are carried out.
  • We currently have a sustainability committee, a body where the different areas involved, through employees and reflects the commitment made in its entirety by our staff.