Hotel Plaza San Francisco
Av. Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins 816
Santiago, Chile
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Forging Sustainable Tourism

24 years of experience and constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technologies thus achieving meet the needs of our guests and customers took us five years to tackle the renovation of a large amount of assets, thus opening the path to sustainability .

A task and improve daily work through our internal committee and the needs and comments from visitors to our premises. For our team and customers has been an honor to work or stay at a hotel that think and work to be company and business, but also concerned about the welfare of society without compromising the welfare of future generations.

Hotel Plaza San Francisco has made several changes and improvements based on three lines of work:

  • Economic
  • Socio-Cultural
  • Environmental

Main Results

We are very aware that these changes do not work if the work is not looked at the long term and even if it is incorporated as central in future decisions and actions that our hotel realized.

As a rule and incorporating sustainability have done:

  • Program optimization and replacement of air conditioning equipment, with savings of 15% energy.
  • We achieved an increase of 12% of our installed cooling capacity, avoiding the increased energy expenditure.
  • Cost reduction through energy efficiency (electricity, gas, oil, water).
  • Installing heat pumps and heat exchangers to preheat domestic hot water and the boiler stop periods, reflected in oil savings.
  • Arrangement of aerators (69% savings in water) in faucets and challas (62% savings).
  • Central control usage, reducing operating and HH further decreasing energy costs through automation.
  • Through the University of Chile we have a measurement of the carbon footprint (332 ton / year).
  • We note with great joy that we have a proud and motivated workforce of different themes and initiatives that are carried out.
  • We currently have a sustainability committee, a body which involved different areas, through employees and reflects the commitment made in its entirety by our staff.