Hotel Plaza San Francisco
Av. Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins 816
Santiago, Chile
+56226393832 | +18553712979


  • We care that all air conditioners achieve greater efficiency, so we have incorporated more environmentally friendly refrigerant and COP.
  • We incorporate a heat pump to heat water and use less oil.
  • In our main room we have incorporated LED technology, DMX led by tables.
  • We have implemented the use of compact fluorescent bulbs, achieving up to 75% energy saving. To date there are 280 bulbs installed.
  • We use LED technology, allowing a saving of 16 times the energy consumption and longer lifetime than traditional (over 300 installed in lobby and common areas).
  • Using induction lamps   magnetic in parking. Lifespan 100. 000 hours and savings of 40% energy.
  • Incorporating energy-saving cards rooms.
  • Constant and continuous work in the classification of waste (batteries, cans, plastics, batteries, tetra) and recycling (glass, paper and cardboard), through duly certified companies.
  • Collaboration with CENFA COANIQUEN And, in the delivery of plastic and glass.
  • Installing water use urinals, dual-flush toilets.
  • We changed the central kitchen tableware washes and implement the use of technology achieving savings of water, electricity and detergent.
  • Wastewater treatment, based on bacteria.
  • Our pool has latest technology is now sanitized and sanitized with ozone.