Hotel Plaza San Francisco
Av. Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins 816
Santiago, Chile
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  • We conduct trainings consistently good sustainability practices our staff, knowing that you need to start working from the inside to externalize and optimally changes.
  • We actively participate in workshops and meetings with international experts that allow us to understand and gather the latest information on new technologies and trends in sustainability. We want to be on par with great powers, as we believe in sustainable tourism to Chile.
  • We share our experience and lessons learned in this short time, various entities interested in incorporating the best practices of sustainability.
  • Apply fair trade practices, incorporating all stakeholders.
  • Favoring local suppliers, specifically in our case is strong and constant work with small communities and farmers throughout the country.
  • Axel Manriquez Chef and kitchen brigade Restaurant Bristol are responsible for giving life to this project to captivate customers with the best of gourmet Chilean food.
  • The energy savings achieved by the incorporation of technology, has also resulted in a decrease in costs.