Hotel Plaza San Francisco - Santiago, Chile

Vibra with "Red" at Hotel Plaza San Francisco and enjoy the best environment to live all matches of this World Brazil 2014 in downtown Santiago.

Because all enjoyed football quipo Hotel Plaza San Francisco and Restaurant Bristol have created the best combos to enjoy 90 minutes of each meeting with a tasty sandwich + fries + one + 2 turnovers drinkable for only $ 12. 990, come and enjoy the taste of the world.

We present our selection of mundialeros sandiwch:

  • The Crimson Tide: Bread Baguette with smoked salmon with cream cheese, cucumbers and sprouts
  • King Arthur: Tasty Italian steak with tomato, avocado and mayo on homemade bread
  • The Pitbull: Gingerbread house with delicious plates of braised pork, tomatoes, sauerkraut and mayonnaise
  • The Boy Wonder: Exquisite burger with melted cheese, tomato and onion rings in house bread
  • Don Sampa: ciabatta bread with chicken Milanese with arugula, tomato and roquefort cheese
  • The Huaso Island: Coiled huaso with lettuce and avocado puree homemade bread

All accompanied by Pebre and mayonnaise.

You can also accompany each combo with one of these alternatives:

  • Heineken Beer or Glass Shop
  • Traditional Caipirinha or Mojito
  • Pisco Sour or Sour Mango
  • Natural Juice or Soda
  • Glass of Wine or Sparkling
  • Tea, coffee or Infusion

For all football fans who are consuming Shop Cristal Chile during matches, for each goal write "Red" fill them his shop absolutely free with Cristal.

We entertained a daily draw with prizes for all those who dare to sign over their forecasts and guess right... but not all because at the end of the first stage among all those involved giving away one night accommodation at Hotel Plaza San Francisco

Make your reservations at 23604454 or contactenos@plazasanfrancisco.cl

See you!


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