Hotel Plaza San Francisco - Santiago, Chile
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Enjoy the best wines in the world, full of Chilean culture and cuisine accompanied by the best national gastronomy.

Tickets for this year will have a value of $ 22,900, which includes:

  • Tasting glass
  • Cooking classes
  • Samples of national dance
  • Craft exhibitions
  • Tasting freed
  • Cocktail premium
  • Busses 8 communes approach
  • Competitions

This 2015 we celebrate 21 years of our great show and you can not miss this great event. With over 90 stands, an inn meeting of Chilean and Peruvian pisco, the best of the Chilean cuisine will enjoy different strains and traditions of our country in the center of the capital

Buy your ticket directly at Hotel Plaza San Francisco!

For more information: contactenos@plazasanfrancisco.cl or calling at (+562) 23604454.

Do not miss it!

Visit www.feriadevinos.cl and find out all the news of 2015


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