Hotel Plaza San Francisco - Santiago, Chile

A moai in downtown Santiago

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12 years ago Hotel Plaza San Francisco hosted exposure to the capital brought the traditions and heritage of the island of Rapa Nui, that you could see different carved moais, shell necklaces and dresses mahute among others.

Since 2013 the front of our Hotel is illuminated by the roots of Easter Island, through the "Moai Brotherhood" which was carved and donated by the renowned artist and sculptor Bene Tuki, who from the Island came to carve this great piece of travertine which measures three meters and 12 tons "For our Hotel this has meant a great contribution to the culture of our country, thus having the chance to bring the tourist attractions of other cities through the historic center of Santiago ....We have always worked to make Chile an interesting destination for our countrymen and foreigners and have this valuable piece in the front of the hotel reinforces our thinking and policy work, "says Felipe Gajardo, General Manager.

Declared World Heritage by UNESCO, Rapa Nui or the "Navel of the World" is the largest island in Chile and is located in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean offering its visitors beautiful landscapes among which beaches like Anakena and Ovahe, plus volcanoes and meadows that can go on horseback or enjoying a walk around the island.Also its flora and fauna are a strong attraction that can meet through diving.


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