Hotel Plaza San Francisco
Av. Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins 816
Santiago, Chile
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Celebrate your party at Hotel Plaza San Francisco

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Hotel Plaza San Francisco offers spacious rooms, with excellent service and set your requirements.
24 years of tradition and service allows us to adapt to the stage you are looking for: birthdays, baptisms, first communions, anniversaries, holidays and more.
Our programs include decoration, music, cocktail, open if requested by our client bar.


  • Aniversario Hotel Plaza San Francisco

Celebrate your wedding anniversary, engagement, courtship or important date you want next to Hotel Plaza San Francisco. We have prepared for you a plan that includes decoration, cocktail snack, lunch or dinner with great reserve wines and background music all in a unique environment for you and guests.
For children we have prepared a special menu and game room ready for your entertainment and allowing them to feel the comfort of having them all together in the same place.
Our team has the expertise to make everything a success.
Listed and do not expect more.

Baptism and First Communion

We have halls for the celebration of the beginning of life a unique keepsake for your life and your family. We have prepared a plan that includes:

  • Decoration in pink or light blue tones for boys or girls.
  • A full, delicate and tasty cocktail appetizer.
  • Lunch or dinner with great reserve wines including
  • Environment Music.

We all prepared to coordinate the details according to your preferences such events, you can be listed here

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