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Energy efficiency

7 years, Hotel Plaza San Francisco made ​​a commitment to Sustainable Tourism, that in seeking to bring significant improvements to benefit the tourism and society in our country, stepping forward in 2013, when we acquired our certification seal of Service National Tourism SERNATUR.

This is a long road and awards received became a springboard to seek new tools that allow us to go even further; this is how we assume an ambitious project, which was inspired by a European model that sought to weigh the energy crisis of 2011 and that proved to be one of the most friendly to the environment systems, the ISO 50001 standard.

The certification of the ISO 50001 standard provide the Hotel Plaza San Francisco a new vision of the use of energy resources in an efficient and orderly manner, likewise, management strategies to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve working practices focused on effective use of energy.

We invite you to meet our objectives and policy Hotel Plaza San Francisco working on this matter,.buuteeq.com/upload/15165/politica-energetica.pdf">revisa here our energy policy.

Learn more about this matter and what is happening in Chile: