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Tips for Preparing for Summer

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Summer is approaching, so this is the perfect time to prepare the silhouette and receive it in good condition. A healthy diet, proper skin care and regular exercise are the keys aspects in this task, but without doubt the most important thing is to establish a fitness routine and be rigorous when putting it into practice.

1. Healthy Diet

Changing your eating habits in the months leading up to the summer is critical to getting to it in good shape. It is not about making "express diets" with a counterproductive rebound effect, but to eat everything, but in adequate quantities, giving priority to the intake of fresh water, fruits and vegetables. To design a plan that fits your expectations, visit a nutritionist to advise you.

2. Establish an exercise routine

Physical activity is key if you want to be fit for the summer.It will help you release stress, reduce disease risk, control weight and strengthen muscles.Among the wide range of disciplines to consider, swimming is one of the best, since in addition to conditioning your body - exercising legs, arms, torso and hips - allows you to boost your performance underwater, delivering skills to apply on your vacation.

Fitness Club Hotel Plaza San Francisco offers intermediate level swimming lessons, oriented to the development of different styles and techniques, in a heated pool and sanitized with ozone.In addition, the complex has a gym, a wet sauna and even a full service hairdresser. You can access quarterly, semi-annual or annual fitness club.

3. Conserve your skin

Keeping a good figure is not the only thing you should worry about facing the summer.Another important factor is the appearance of the skin, as it will be more exposed thanks to light clothing.A great way to prepare the skin for the summer season is to indulge in a day of spa, which you can enjoy alone or in the company of the one you love the most.The experience will be an oasis of relaxation while you wait for your well-deserved vacation.

Remember that at the Fitness Club at Hotel Plaza San Francisco, you can hire spa day for couples, which includes relaxation massages, sparkling wine, chocolates and fruit salad..

4. Model your body

A reductive massage is infallible to look just the way you want it.This effective treatment stimulates the blood flow in certain areas of the body, avoiding the accumulation of fats.In addition, it contributes to the dissolution of cellulite and adipose tissue, along with reaffirming and toning the muscles, if accompanied by exercises.

Fitness Club Hotel Plaza San Francisco has a complete reductive treatment, consisting of 12 sessions of 50 minutes each..

Ways to prepare the body for the summer and get a pleasant process experience there are many.It is a matter of having the desire, know where to look and put in the hands of specialists.