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The best places to walk around in Santiago Centro

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Santiago de Chile is a city full of charm, with patrimonial neighborhoods that you must walk on, in order to enjoy the history and culture that pulsates in all its corners. The civic center houses several of these points, a mandatory stop in your urban exploration. Do you want to know what they are?

1. Barrio Lastarria / Bellas Artes

It corresponds to the zone bordering Santa Lucía Hill , including the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM) and also the Forestal Park.It comprises several streets of exquisite architecture (work of renowned professionals such as Luciano Kulczewski, Ernesto Ried or Ricardo Larraín), which make it a sort of "urban oasis" due to its unique style.

It emerged as a conurbation around the Parish of Veracruz, housing such illustrious neighbors as President Pedro Aguirre Cerda, the painters Nemesio Antúnez and Camilo Mori or the writer and politician Luis Orrego Luco.Today it is home to several bookstores, cafes, design shops, cultural centers and important museums, which gives it a character of charming artistic district - bohemian.

2. Santiago Civic Center

If you choose a hotel in Santiago located in the heart of the capital, you will have access to the most classic of the walks: the civic center.Here you will find buildings of great historical and republican value, such as the Moneda Palace , the Courts of Justice, the National Library, the Historical Museum (formerly Palacio de la Real Audiencia, first seat of government) and Correos de Chile the residence of the conqueror Pedro de Valdivia).

The churches are an icon of the Christian culture, reason why they usually have a great patrimonial value and architectonic.In the center of Santiago you will find many of them, starting with the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Convent of the Agustinas or the Basilica of La Merced, just to name a few.

3. Paris - London neighborhood

Located in the civic center of the metropolis and designed by Ernesto Holzmann (father and son), it stands out for its classical European style architecture, with narrow cobbled streets.The space where the neighborhood sits belonged to the monks of the Church of San Francisco , which is the oldest in the country; however, economic problems forced the religious to sell these lands to individuals in the 1920s.The new owners - authorities of that time - commissioned the construction of the works to architects of the old continent.

Currently, the area is characterized by being very tourist, thanks to its unbeatable location in the heart of the civic center.That is why it is possible to find many hostels, highlighting a 5 star Santiago hotel , such as Plaza San Francisco.This venue offers its guests maximum comfort and quality of service, with excellent connectivity to the points of greatest interest in the capital.

Now that you know why neighborhoods explore, begins the adventure of discovering all the charm, history and culture of Santiago.The experience will fascinate you!