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4 museums you might want to visit in Santiago

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When considering places to visit in Santiago there are a number of sites that spring to mind. And while outdoor activities and a bit of the Chilean nightlife are fine, there are quite a few museums to grab the attention of a more art oriented visitor. Let’s see some of the main ones.


Santiago is the capital of Chile, and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is the capital of Chilean art. This fine arts museum was inaugurated in 1910 in the midst of the country’s centennial celebrations, and it has long been home to Santiago’s most important works and exhibitions. Must-sees include works by renowned local artists such as Pedro Lira, Alfredo Valenzuela Puelma, Roberto Matta and Rebecca Matte. Also, you should complete your afternoon with a walk down Parque Forestal and consider visting the MAC, a contemporary arts museum located right behind the Bellas Artes.


Dominating Lastarria’s neighborhood, GAM stands for Gabriela Mistral, Chile’s first Nobel Prize winner in Literature. Formerly known as the Diego Portales Building, named as such when it became the House of Government after La Moneda’s bombardment in 1973, the place has come into new life after a devastating fire necessitated its restoration in 2006. It's currently a cultural center where the arts thrive. Exhibitions, plays, concerts, book fairs and all sorts of activities take place in this vibrant landmark.


An acronym for Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda, the CCPLM is located below Plaza de la Ciudadanía, an open square positioned right between La Moneda, the Chilean governmental palace, and the city's main avenue, the Alameda. With only 11 years of life since its inauguration, this subterranean cultural center is thought by many to represent the arts washing away the site’s traumatic history, bringing a fresh perspective to one of the country’s main tourist attractions.

Museo de Arte Precolombino

Located only a block away from Plaza de Armas, Santiago’s main square, the Precolombino occupies what used to be the Royal Customs Palace during colonial days. Perhaps ironically, the museum focuses on pieces from well before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. You can find items from all over the Americas, but perhaps the most interesting pre-Columbian culture to be found here is that of the Chinchorro, whose mummies have shocked the archaeological world.

As you can surely tell, a cultural tour might lead you to plenty of the best places to visit in Santiago. The invitation is open to discover the hidden treasures of this beautiful city.