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  • 4 museos que visitar en santiago

4 museums you might want to visit in Santiago

There are enough museums to capture the attention of a more art-oriented visitor. Here you will find a selection that you can visit within walking distance of the Hotel.


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The best places to walk around in downtown Santiago

Going for a walk in downtoen Santiago is the best way to get acquainted with the history and culture of the most crowded area of ​​the country. Discover their secrets!


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Tips for Preparing for Summer

Do you want to show off a perfect physique in the summer? Design a plan to achieve your goal, where the keys are food, exercise and skin care.


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Ecotourism in Santiago de Chile: what to do and where to go

One of Santiago’s distinctive features is that you can experience a drastic change in scenery within a matter of minutes. Let’s review some of its main attractions:

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